gregoire vella portrait

About me

I design and develop elegant and unique digital products focusing on intuitive user experience. I will introduce myself: my name is Grégoire. I’m a French-born designer with a passionate belief in the power of beautiful aesthetics and user experience to solve business problems. With a life-long learner mindset and a background in business and law, I steered my career towards design over 10 years ago, as I thrive on the challenges presented outside my comfort zone.

Since then, I’ve delivered web and mobile solutions for companies great and small around the globe, including the USA, Australia and Singapore —from large corporations to startups. Joining your inhouse team temporarily or bringing my own team of designers to your company, I’ll help you find smart, elegant solutions that deliver lasting, meaningful experiences for your users.

My professional career began when I founded a startup over 12 years ago while obtaining my Master’s degree in Business, Management and Marketing at the renowned French EDHEC Business School. The vision was clear: to develop high-quality web platforms for events.

Being at the helm of business development and witnessing the decline in activity due to the global financial context, I decided to pivot the company towards design services. It is said 80% of new businesses fail in the first eighteen months of operation, and — to be honest — that was not technically a success story.

Nonetheless, it was during this time, working at the design agency I had created, that I discovered my true passion for design as I gradually spent less time at my desk and more time with the design team. Since then, I’ve developed a particular set of skills and a design style that focuses on simplicity, usability and elegance, all honed with almost a decade of experience.

Thanks to the combination of my design expertise and business knowledge, I strive to deliver optimal digital solutions to critical business problems, with a special awareness for financial and temporal constraints that clients face when bringing a designer on board.

Additionally, I’ve developed a management style that can be adjusted according to a company’s needs, focused on clear communications and attention to detail with a friendly smile — all of which are key to successfully delivering a project on time and within budget.

This have given me the opportunity to work with to companies great and small from more than 18 countries across the globe, from the UK and Germany to South Africa, Australia, Singapore and the US.

As an eternal learner, I find joy in the complex challenges presented when I step out of my comfort zone, and relish creating innovative solutions that align business goals with user needs. If you have a business problem that requires a digital solution, contact me to discover how I can help you.